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Screw and Bolt Head Types

Several types of bolt head types and screw head types are available from Chandler Products for industrial screws and bolts, including fillister head industrial screws and pan and round head type screws. See the chart below for the full listing.

Bolt and screw head types from Chandler Products



Pan Head Machine Screw PAN HEAD: Recommended for new designs to replace round, truss and binding heads. Provides a low large diameter head, but with characteristically high outer edge along the outer periphery of the head where drive action is most effective for high tightening torques. Slightly different head contour where supplied with recessed head. See dotted line.
Round head type screws ROUND HEAD: Not recommended for new design (see pan head). This head was the most universally used design in the past.
Fillister head industrial screws and bolts FILLISTER HEAD: The standard oval fillister head has a smaller diameter than the round head, but is higher with a correspondingly deeper slot. The small diameter head increases the pressure applied on the smaller area and can be assembled close to flanges and raised surfaces
Binding Head Industrial Fastener BINDING HEAD (Straight Side): Most generally used in electrical and radio work because of its identifying undercut beneath the head, which binds and eliminates fraying of stranded wire. A medium - low head with ordinarily sufficient bearing surface. Not recommended as a Phillips Recessed head –see Pan Head for better functional design.
Truss Head Type Machine Screw TRUSS HEAD: Also known as oven head, stove head, and oval binding head. A low, large diameter head that can be used to cover larger diameter clearance holes in sheet metal when additional play in assembly tolerance is required.
Tamper-Proof One-Way Head Industrial Bolt ONE - WAY HEAD: This tamper - proof type of head, once assembled cannot be removed, yet is driven with a standard screwdriver.
Flat and Oval Head Industrial Screws FLAT AND OVAL HEADS (UNDERCUT): The standard flat or oval head 80° to 82° counter sunk screw will fit a standard counter bored hole and is particularly adaptable to flush assemblies in thin stock.
Square Shoulder Machine Screws SQUARE SHOULDER SCREWS: An adaptation of the standard carriage bolt design. Possesses a truss head on a square shank, which resists rotation when located or driven into place.
Indented Hexagon Industrial Fasteners INDENTED HEXAGON: A wrench head fastener made to standard hexagon head dimensions. The hex possesses an identifying depression in the top surface of the head.
Indented Hexagon Washer Head INDENTED HEXAGON WASHER HEAD: The same as the standard indented hexagon head but with a washer section at the base of the head to protect the finish of the assembly from wrench disfigurement, and to economically replace a separate bolt & washer assembly.
Trimmed Hexagon Industrial Bolt Head Type HEXAGON HEAD (TRIMMED): This is the standard type of wrench - applied hexagon head, characterized by clean, sharp corners trimmed to close tolerances. Recommended for general commercial applications.
Hex Flange Industrial Bolt and Screw Head Type HEX FLANGE: Similar to hex washer with the exception that the top of the washer-flange shall be conical or slightly rounded within the periphery of the flange diameter. The contour of the flange edges shall be optional provided minimum flange thickness is maintained.

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