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12 Point Bolts12 Point Bolts

A 12 Point design offers the same bearing surface as a hexagon head cap screw or socket head screw of comparable size. Other features include better torque distribution due to less peak loads and effective use in counter-bored or spot faced applications because of smaller head diameters. Configurations for these specialty industrial bolts are available in either inch or metric sizes.

Size Ranges:
Diameters: 3/16" to and including 7/8" (M-5 to M-16).
Lengths to 9" depending on diameter and configuration.

Standard Materials:
Carbon Steels: C-1018, C-1038, C-1541
Alloy Steels: SAE 4037, 4140, 5135, 8637, 8640, AMS-6322
Stainless Steels: Types 302, 304, 316, 410, 430
Other materials on request.

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Chandler cold headed fasteners and secondary fastener operations.

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